Onsen Land Plots

Hanacreek has 17 onsen land plots to choose from all within a luxury enclave in a unique, forested hillside setting with spectacular views of Mount Yotei and Niseko Annapurni ski mountain, inspiring a master plan that preserves the rich character of the site. The master plan was well thought out: all the plots are spaced a certain distance to maintain the best views, and some of the silver birch and pine trees are left uncut so all the luxury buildings will be amongst the serene green nature during summer.

The native silver birch forest, ever-changing with the seasons, provides cool shade in summer and expansive panoramas in winter, while forested land and a natural reserve have been set aside as a park for communal enjoyment. Roads and sidewalks are designed to minimise the physical and visual impact on the natural habitat, while some parts are heated to ensure safety in winter. Utilities, including power, telecommunications, water and natural onsen connection, are all housed underground.